Sheffield Is


Sheffield, South Yorkshire is the home of KARMA DIGITAL
We work with businesses and brands across the steel city.
Here are some reasons we love our home!

Sheffields trees

Sheffield has more trees per person than any other city inEurope
Since the decline of the steel industry Sheffield is being recognised as a cultured and scenic city with outside areas and green spaces to die for. The city is home to more than two million trees – that’s the highest ratio of trees to people for any city in Europe. Sheffield also has around 250 parks, woodland areas and gardens, including Crookes Park, Norfolk Heritage Park and the Botanical Gardens.

It has the world’s oldest football club
Sheffield is home to the oldest football club in the world. – Sheffield F.C. was founded in 1857 by members of a cricket club based in Sheffield. They adopted the official FA rules in 1878; they now play in the Northern Premier League.

Sheffield Steep Hills

Hills Hills Hills!
The logic generally observed in Sheffield is that you have to go uphill. If you want to go from your house to the shops, it’ll mean going uphill. If you then want to get back to your house from the shops, you’ll have to go uphill again. Since Sheffield is regarded as a natural amphitheatre, with surrounding hills forming a sort of bowl shape, the centre is located in the middle, at the bottom of the bowl, with the city on the surrounding hills facing either the city centre or out towards the countryside.

Sheffield Rainbow

The world’s longest lasting rainbow
The world’s longest lasting rainbow was only visible from Sheffield The record breaking rainbow was visible above the skies of the Steel City for six hours on March 14 1994.

Sheffield Steel

Stainless steel was invented in Sheffield!
In 1915, a Sheffield man Harry Brearley, announced that he had invented a so-called “non-rusting” steel that did not stain however long it was used and whatever materials it came into contact with. It later became known as Stainless Steel, revolutionising the steel industry and Sheffield’s steel production.

There’s a National Park in the City
Around a third of the city is actually inside the Beautiful Peak District National Park

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